Missed Opportunity? Adidas Arsenal 2023 'France' Kit

In late January 2023, Adidas and Arsenal released a special 'France' Travel collection. Should both parties have also released a special-edition match kit with the stunning "golden plus tricolor" design?

Arsenal 2023 'France' Kit Concepts

The Adidas x France collection features a sleek and stylish design, incorporating the blue, white, and red of the French flag, the Tricolor, for the Three Stripes. It is easy to imagine that a kit would have looked similarly stylish, and two concept designers have done the visualization for us.

Adidas and Arsenal have no plans for a similar kit, according to our information

Two designers have created concepts of what the kit could have looked like, had the club decided to release one.

Arsenal x Adidas France Concept Kit By JdnBrown

The first concept, created by JdnBrown using FIFA Kit Creator, is practically the collection in the form of a kit. A very nice aspect is the back-of-shirt number, which rounds off the gorgeous look.

Arsenal x Adidas France Concept Kit By Saintetixx

The second concept, created by Saintetixx, takes the design a step further away from the Travel Collection. It has all-golden logos and Three Stripes, with the French Tricolor used for subtle side stripe detailing.

Both Adidas x France concept kits won't be available to buy, of course.

Should Adidas x Arsenal have released a special-edition 'France' kit? Do you want the club to get a similar kit in the next few years? Share your thoughts in the comments below.