Napoli Wanted to Print Each Player's Face on Their Own Shirts

Napoli planned to release a unique kit where each of their players would have their own face on their shirts this season, but Serie A rejected the proposal.

Napoli Wanted Each Player's Face to Appear on Their Own Shirts

Napoli have attracted plenty of attention over the past couple of seasons for the sheer quantity of kits they've released, as well as the dubious designs that some of them carried. However, what would have been one of their most surprising looks will never see the light of day.

La Repubblica report that around Christmas time, Napoli president Aurelio Di Laurentiis (above, left) proposed his latest kit idea to the Serie A league council. He wanted each player's jersey to have their own face printed on it. The club released three shirts with Maradona's face on them last season, but these personalised kits would have taken things to the next level.

Had they got their way, each Napoli player's kit would have been unique. The rest of the proposed design is unknown, but the fact that each player's shirt would have had a central design element different to the next means they would have essentially been wearing eleven different jerseys on the pitch. The rules state that all players of a team must wear the same shirt, so on these grounds the Serie A league council rejected the proposal.

Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia shirts would likely have outsold all the others.

Would you have liked to see this idea get the green light? Where would these kits have ranked in Napoli's vast archive of shirts? Let us know in the comments.