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Pohang Steelers 2023 Home, Away & Special Kits Released - Celebrating 50th Anniversary

We have kit news from the K League as the new Puma Pohang Steelers 2023 home, away and special jerseys were released yesterday.

Pohang Steelers 2023 Home Kit

This is the Pohang Steelers 2023 home jersey, made by Puma.

The Puma Pohang Steelers 2023 home jersey is mainly features horizontal red and black stripes, which are the club's main colors since 1984. Celebrating the 50th anniversary, the new home jersey also combines gold colors for the logos and collars.

The Puma Pohang Steelers 2023 home shirt also adds special 50th-anniversary writing on the back just under the collar. Another important detail from the jersey is the molten iron in the furnace pattern, which also represents the club's anniversary celebration.

Pohang Steelers 2023 Away Kit

This is the Pohang Steelers 2023 away shirt, made by Puma.

The Puma Pohang Steelers 2023 away shirt is held mainly in white. For the details on the collar and sleeve cuffs, the away kit combines red and gold.

The shirt features a different shirt sponsor to the home kit, usinh their main sponsor Posco instead of the steelmaking company's brand, Greenable which is on the home and special kits.

Pohang Steelers 2023 Special Kit

Check out Puma's Pohang Steelers 2023 special jersey below.

The Puma Pohang Steelers 2023 special shirt is made specifically for the club's 50th-anniversary celebration, as instead of using the club's crest they made a badge with the number 50. The shirt is mainly in gold, the main color theme for their 2023 shirts.

The Puma Pohang Steelers 2023 special shirt will make its debut in round 15 of this season's K League campaign in the club's home match against Jeonbuk on May 28. Moreover, the special kit won't be available for purchase until early May 2023.

Pohang Steelers 1973 Remake Kit

Check out the Pohang Steelers 1973 Remake jersey below.

Aside from the special kit, Pohang also released a remake kit of their 1973 Jersey that is mainly in orange without any sponsor logos. It only has the club's classic Steelers emblem.

What do you think about the Pohang Steelers 2023 home, away, and special shirts? Comment below.