EA7 Napoli Valentine's Day Kit Voted Worst Kit of January 2023

Update: Some days ago, we conducted a poll asking you to vote for the worst kit of January 2023. Now the results are in, and the winner of the worst kit of January 2023 is no huge surprise - it is the EA7 Napoli 22-23 Valentine's Day kit.

January 2023 - Worst Kit - Top 3

The EA7 Napoli Valentine's Day kit received an impressive 43.6% of the votes (471 of the 1081 votes cast) t and took the top spot. The Valentine's Day-themed kit had an uninspired design with a big kiss mouth.

The second-worst kit of January 2023 is the Macron Queen's Park 22-23 Special kit, which received 184 votes or 17% of the total votes. The Queen's Park kit had a unique design featuring a tartan pattern, which many found too much.

Finally, the third-worst kit of January 2023 is the Kappa Mainz 22-23 Fastnacht kit, which received 158 votes or 14.6% of the total votes. It had a bold blue, yellow, red, and white design. Some fans appreciated the boldness of the design, but others felt that it was too overpowering.

January 2023 - Worst Kit - Full Results

It's a new year and the game for the best and worst kits has begun once again. This January 2023, we have pre-selected 12 of the worst football kits in the market. From Adidas to Nike, a number of brands have released kits that have left fans unimpressed.

Worst Kit of January 2023

Adidas have been included in our list with the "Arsenal 22-23 Whiteout" kit (added black border to make logos better visible for TV), "Italy 2023 Goalkeeper" kit, "Adidas Standard Liege Wear Makeshift" kit, and "Adidas Vegalta Sendai 2023 Away" kit.

Similarly, Nike have not been able to escape criticism, with the "Atlético Nacional 2023 Home" kit, "Barcelona 22-23 Fourth" kit, and "Wolfsburg 22-23 Third" kit making it to our list of the 12 worst kits.

Jordan's PSG 22-23 fourth kit is the worst of the partnership for many

Other brands that have made it to our pre-selected list are EA7 with the "Napoli Valentine's Day" kit, Kappa with the "Mainz 22-23 Fastnacht" kit, Macron with the "Queen's Park 22-23 Special" kit, Jordan with the "PSG 22-23 Fourth" kit and Puma with the "Manchester City 22-23 Chinese New Year" kit.

Among these 12 kits, EA7 Napoli's "EA7 Napoli 22-23 Valentine's Day" kit stands out as a potential contender for the Worst Kit of the Month title. With their kits having received negative reviews in the past, it will be interesting to see if they will win the title once again.

Barcelona's 4th kit is controversial, and also included in the vote for the best

The voting for the Worst Kit of January 2023 has now begun and will end on Sunday, February 12, 2023. So, if you think you have spotted a kit that deserves to be on the list, be sure to cast your vote. Let's see which kit will be crowned the worst of January 2023.