Adidas Bayern München 23-24 Mia san Mia Kit Logo Leaked

For the 2023-2024 season, Adidas have once again created an updated look for the Mia san Mia logo.

Mia san Mia (We are who we are) is the club's official motto. The Mia san Mia logo has been on Bayern Munich's jerseys since the 2011-12 season, when it first appeared on the inside of the collar.

23-24 Bayern München Mia San Mia Logo

The new 23-24 Bayern München Mia san Mia logo comes with a brand-new typeface. The font has a very edgy style, in stark contrast to the previous look.

Indeed, as you possibly already noticed, the new Mia san Mia logo looks is based on the Adidas 2022 World Cup typeface. The only difference is that the cutouts are gone.

The Mia san Mia logo is set to feature on the back under the collar of the Bayern Munich 23-24 keeper and player kits (at least the player home). It possibly is red on the white back of the "revolutionary" white/red Bayern 23-24 kit.

The logo could be red on the white back of the "revolutionary" 23-24 home kit

CONFIRMED: Bayern München 23-24 Home Kit to Feature "Revolutionary" Design

The new Mia san Mia 23-24 logo debuts on the Bayern 23-24 home kit, to be launched in May 2023.

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