Adidas 23-24 Champions League Group Stage Balls Released

Confirming the leaks, the Adidas 23-24 Champions League Men's and Women's group stage match balls were launched today. The balls are set to be used in the play-off round and the group stage of the 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League season.

The Adidas 23-24 Champions League balls have unique designs inspired by the anthems of both competitions. The anthems of each tournament are creatively incorporated into eye-catching designs on the balls, using consistent blue and purple colors associated with royalty to signify the prestige of the tournaments, clubs, and players involved.

Adidas 2023-24 Champions League Ball

This is the Champions League 2023-24 ball - to be used in the group stage.

The Champions League 23-24 ball combines a white base with modern-looking star panels. It is a look that combines the most classic Adidas Champions League balls from the early 2000s with modern Champions League banding.

Of course, the new Adidas Champions 2023-2024 football ball comes with the new Adidas logo as well as the UEFA Champions League logo. Both have the same blue color used for the official Champions League branding.

UEFA Women's Champions League 23-24 Group Stage Ball

The Adidas 23-24 UWCL ball features the stirring anthem lyrics of the UEFA Women's Champions League displayed on star panels on both sides.

Adidas 2023-24 Men's & Women's Champions League Group Stage Balls

2023 Champions League Final Ball vs 23-24 Group Stage Ball

2003-2004 Champions League Ball vs 2023-2024 Group Stage Ball

Tech-wise, the Adidas UEFA Champions League 23-24 ball is identical to the Champions League previous match balls like the 2023 Champions League final football.

The Adidas Champions League 2023-2024 balls hit stores for 150 Euro on 22 August 2023.

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