BSC Young Boys 23-24 Cup Kit Vote Launched - Exclusive to Socios Token Holders

Currently sitting atop the Swiss Super League, BSC Young Boys yesterday launched a vote for their 2023-24 Cup kit, repeating the same formula that was utilized for this season's away kit.

As with the 22-23 away kit, four options are available and can be voted on by holders of the Young Boys Fan Token, "$YBO".

BSC Young Boys 2023-24 Cup Kit

Check out all four options for the Nike BSC Young Boys 23-24 cup kit.

All four options for the Nike BSC Young Boys 23-24 cup kit feature a predominantly yellow design with black sleeves as well as different graphics and designs in the same color on the front.

Option 1 has three vertical black stripes on the left side whereas option 2 comes with a pinstriped body. Option 3 boasts a diagonal stripe design on the front, and option 4 features a more abstract center stripe design.

Voting on the new BSC Young Boys 22-23 away kit will run through 2 April 2023.

Made by Nike. Do you like the four options for BSC Young Boys' 23-24 cup jersey? Comment below.