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Exact Remakes: Lecce 22-23 Special Kits Released

We have kit news from the Serie A as the new in-house U.S. Lecce 2022-23 special kits were released last week, both of which faithfully recreate the designs of two shirts from the 91-92 season, sponsors aside.

Lecce 22-23 Special Kit

Check out in-house's Lecce 2022-2023 special football shirt below.

The in-house Lecce 22-23 special football shirt is more or less an exact remake of the club's 91-92 away shirt (below) which was made by Adidas. All elements of the design have been recreated, from the diagonal bands with geometric patterns, to the three stripes on the sleeves.

Obviously, the logo of the club's in-house brand, M908, takes the place of the Adidas logo, while the Lecce crest is monochrome. The base colour, collar and graphic patterns all use the exact same colours as the original. A full colour crest is used here.

This shirt was debuted last weekend in Lecce's 2-0 loss away to Torino.

Lecce 22-23 2nd special Kit

This is the U.S. Lecce 22-23 2nd special shirt, made by in-house.

The in-house U.S. Lecce 22-23 2nd special shirt bears the same design again but this time with a red base, corresponding to the third shirt from the 91-92 season, seen below.

This time however, a polo collar replaces the v neck that the original shirt had. Aside from this detail, all other elements of the shirt match up to the original.

Made in-house. What do you think about Lecce's special and 2nd special shirts? Comment below.