Historic | Hellas Verona Unveil 120th Anniversary Logo

Serie A outfit, Hellas Verona unveil a special logo to mark their 120th anniversary this year whose main celebration will be taking place on April 8 during their league clash against Sassuolo.

The Mastini's special crest is specifically designed to celebrate the club’s 120th anniversary and it will be used exclusively from April 3 until 8. Hellas Verona were founded in 1903 by groups of students of the Scipione Maffei school led by Count Carlo Fratta Pasini. Interestingly, there's no official date for Hellas' birthday but they opted to celebrate it on April 8 this year.

Hellas Verona 120 Years Anniversary Logo

Hellas Verona Anniversary logo highlights three main symbols that represent the club and city, The Shield Of Verona, The Hellas Script, and 120 Years writing. The special anniversary logo was designed in collaboration with Verona-based company, Studio Fantastico.

The Shield of Verona

The shield of Verona is being used as part of the anniversary logo as it represents the city's town hall (Palazzo Barbieri). The design is basically a yellow cross with a blue colored base, which has been part of the club's jersey even since it was founded.

The Hellas Script

The name Hellas is certainly an important part of the club as that's what it was known for during its birth back in 1903. The name means 'Greece' and it was suggested by a teacher, Professor Decio Corubolo who originated from ancient greek. The font being used for the 120th-anniversary logo is a modern take on how it was written during the club's founding with the double LL letters as the highlight.

120 Years writing

The 120 Years writing is a clear message representing Hellas Verona's anniversary and it's being written inside a ribbon placed under the shield. The inscription uses the club's current font as they hope to create a link between the 1903 team and the current one.

Another important aspect that Hellas introduced for its 120th anniversary is the old document about its history, dated April 16, 1903. That document wrote about an order for "balls for the game of football as the old ones no longer exist. That order proved that football matches were already played during that date but it's certainly not the actual time the club officially started its activity.

Hellas Verona Current Crest

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