Historic | Marshall Islands Launch Competition for Nation's First-Ever Football Kit

Marshall Islands’ football (soccer) federation (SoccerFedMi) are working to have its own national football team and after establishing its association, the next step would be getting an official jersey. Keen on getting the most exciting and creative design for their kit, the Islands-based country decided to hold a kit design contest.

Marshall Islands' Football Federation Look for First-Ever Kit from Design Competition

The federation started the design contest back on March 3 on social media and plans to close it on March 18. Much to their surprise, there was apparently plenty of interest in the contest as the nation received plenty of exciting designs to choose from.

Since there’s still time before the contest is officially closed, the SoccerFedMi are still expecting more entries before they eventually make the final decision. Aside from getting their design used by Marshall Islands' future national football team, the winner of the kit contest will also receive a framed copy of the first kit production.

SoccerFedMi will be hoping that they can find the right kit design that can really spark the official birth of their country’s national football team. Although football is one of the sports that Marshall Islands people play, they still don’t have a national football team just yet.

Marshall Islands Eyeing to Have National Team Playing International Fixtures in 2024

However, acknowledging their people’s passion for the sport they have been working hard in developing the required footballing system before eventually getting their own national football team. Aside from starting the kit design contest, other attempts the federation have been working on include, appointing a technical director, Lyons Owers, and starting a fundraiser project using gofundme to support other related projects in developing football more in their country.

The nation are hoping that they can eventually participate in the international football scene sometime in the future, with the target would be having their national men and women take part in any match fixtures by 2024. SoccerFedMi also eyeing to create a regular men's and women's national leagues competition that will surely help them acquire quality national team players.

One of the closest projects they have would be building a new stadium that will be used to host the 2023 Micronesia Games. Nevertheless, their current most important mission would be finding and developing the design of their first-ever national team football kit.

What kind of design do you expect the Marshall Islands football federation will pick? Share your comment below.