How The Newcastle 'Saudi' 23-24 Third Kit Could Look

For the 2023-2024 season, English Premier League club Newcastle United will "go full Saudi" with their third kit. While there is no full leak of the kit yet, concept designers have imagined how it could look.

It is extremely likely that Castore again make the Newcastle United 23-24 kits, with Adidas only reported to take over from the 2024-25 season.

How Newcastle's 23-24 Third Kit Could Look By grhaer9

Concept creator grhaer9 has drafted up his take on Newcastle's third kit for next season, using the leaked info - a green base is combined with white logos and applications.

The designer opted for a classy white-green-white collar and sleeve cuffs, but no other design element or graphics. This could have been the right direction.

The first concept could be very close to the final design

While the exact accuracy of the Newcastle United 23-24 third concept by grhaer9 is unknown, we can well imagine it to be close to the final design. We expect that the Newcastle United 2023-2024 3rd kit comes without any fancy graphics or design elements, just like the concept.

However, making things more interesting (but even less likely), two other concept designers had a more unique take on the kit.

Newcastle United 23-24 Third Concept Kit by Marciozhugo

The Adidas Newcastle 2023-24 third concept football shirt by Marciozhugo takes the Saudi inspiration a step further by having Arabic letters as a subtle all-over print.

Create your own concept kits with FIFA Kit Creator

Newcastle United 23-24 Third Concept Kit by Thom_kit_designs

The Adidas Newcastle 2023-24 third concept football shirt by Thom_kit_designs has a traditional Arab pattern, adding a nice touch to the Saudi inspiration.

In case you were wondering how these concepts were created - All the designers used FIFA Kit Creator to create their concept kits. You can create your own football kit concepts using the online tool.

Do you like that Newcastle United get a green kit to mimic the look of Saudi Arabia? Comment below.