No More New Balance: O'Neills Ireland 2023 Home Kit Teased? Or is It Just Fanwear?

Update: Kit expert Jack Henderson reports that the teaser is NOT about a new Ireland national team kit but rather a retro-inspired fanwear range.

This might be based on a Tweet by Graham Merrigan of the What's the Story? podcast.

Original article: It looks like O'Neills will replace New Balance as Ireland's kit supplier. The brand shared a short video on Twitter a few hours ago, featuring a close-up of the national team crest.

FA Ireland had confirmed that they would unveil a new supplier in 2023 back in October, although no further details were given at the time. The most recent rumors suggested that Castore were the frontrunners.

It's important to note that we do not have confirmation for O'Neills actually releasing the new Ireland kit tomorrow, but everything indicates that this is case. For the rest of the article we will assume that the teaser is about the potential Ireland 2023 home kit.

O'Neills produced Ireland's kits between 1976 and 1985, including a number of stunners throughout that time. Interestingly, the old O'Neills Ireland jerseys did feature the brand's controversial three-stripe mark on the sleeves. It's something that Adidas tried to fight in the past, resulting in a ruling that only allows O'Neills to use the stripes in Ireland. It remains to be seen whether this covers the national team in 2023.

Via @irelandsocshirt

In terms of design, the O'Neills Ireland 2023 home kit features a dark green base with a Celtic pattern printed all-over as well as pinstripes in a lighter shade of green. The same classic crest as used during O'Neills' first stint appears on the chest in monochrome gold.

The Ireland 2023 home kit will be unveiled on March 3rd, 2023.

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