Odd Kit Combination for Bochum - Callback to 80's?

VfL Bochum fans may have noticed something odd about their team's kit choice in tonight's fixture against FC Köln.

Bochum Combine Away and Home Outfits

Facing off away against Köln, VfL Bochum played in a combination of two different kits.

They wore their light blue away shirt, which was paired with the navy shorts and socks of the home option. This creates a look we have not seen from the club this season.

There is also no apparent reason why Bochum opted to wear items from two different kits. Since Köln play in white and red, neither the Bochum home nor away jersey would clash.

VfL Bochum have also not announced any reason for their unusal kit combination. Our theory is that the club are simply recreating an old look from their past (early 80's), when light blue kits were often worn with dark blue shorts and socks.

What do you think of Bochum's look tonight? Should they wear this combination more often? Comment below.