LEAKED: FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Diamond Logo & Diamond Stripes

Update: We can leak a nice close-up of the crest of the Barcelona 23-24 home kit, showing off the subtly hidden diamond that pays homage to the club's very successful Women’s team. In addition, we have updated our article with all the leaked images and new details.

In case you missed it, we were also able to fully leak the Barcelona 23-24 home kit.

FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Pays Homage to Women’s Team With Diamond Elements

The new Barcelona 23-24 home kit has two special diamond details to honor the Women’s team, FC Barcelona Femenina, and their long journey of becoming a part of the club.

Today, FC Barcelona Femení are the women's soccer team of FC Barcelona and one of the most successful and popular women's soccer clubs in the world. This was not always the case.

The team were founded in 1970 as Club Femení Barcelona, and it was not until 2002 that it became part of FC Barcelona as their official women's team.

It took 30 years for the Women’s team to become a part of FC Barcelona

Before becoming an official team of FC Barcelona, the women's team played under various names and affiliations, including Peña Barcelonista Barcilona. Peña Barcelonista Barcilona were a supporters club of FC Barcelona that formed a women's team in 1970. They played their home games in the Camp de la Indústria, a stadium located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona.

In 1971, the girls went to a notary and formalized their constitution as Peña Femenina Barcelonista (PFB). They provided the club with their own crest, which was a fusion between the shield of Futbol Club Barcelona and the shield of Barça Atlètic with a diamond aspect.

1. FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Crest Features Hidden Diamond

The first unique feature of the FC Barcelona 23-24 home kit is the crest. It comes with a hidden, shimmering diamond shape.

2. FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Has Classic Stripes With Diamond Pattern on Edges

The second unique feature of the Barcelona 23-24 home kit can be found in the stripes. The "classic stripes of the kit have a diamond pattern along the edges, adding another subtle nod to the women's team".

The FC Barcelona 23-24 home kit releases in May/June 2023.

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