Intricately Embroidered Japan Kit by Diane Al Shammari

Diane Al Shammari, better known as @TheFootballGal_, has shared photos of her latest embroidery work on Japan's 2022 "cherry blossom" kit.

Embroidered Japan Kit by @TheFootballGal_

Japan's special pink and green kit - designed in collaboration with Nigo - was released last year and met with generally positive feedback. The inspiration for the look came from the cherry blossom and traditional Japanese sweets. Now Diane Al Shammari has put her own spin on it by adding some of her trademark embroidery, as seen below.

@TheFootballGal_ is no stranger to the floral theme, which ties in perfectly with the idea behind this particular shirt. The pink, white and green thread used matches the colours of the kit. The back of the jersey has been embellished with patterns inspired by a traditional Japanese embroidery technique called Sashiko, according to the woman herself.

Like all of Diane's creations, this shirt is a one off, making it even more special.

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