Full Zebra Juventus 23-24 Pre-Match Shirt + Anthem Jacket Released

Together with the home kit, the Adidas Juve 2023-2024 pre-match shirt and anthem jacket were released today. The design of the pre-game jersey and the anthem jacket couldn't be more different.

Juventus 23-24 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the new Adidas Juventus FC pre-match jersey for 23-24.

The Adidas Juve 2023-24 pre-match shirt has a zebra style, like the team's 23-24 home shirt.

The mainly black Adidas Juventus 23-24 pre-match football shirt is adorned with white zebra stripes, and it also features contrasting yellow logos, just like the home jersey for Juventus in 23-24.

The zebra pattern is not only present on the front but also on the back of the Adidas Juventus 2023-2024 pre-match shirt.

Juventus 23-24 Home Kit vs Pre-Match

Juventus 2023-24 Home
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Juventus 23-24 Anthem Jacket

The Adidas Juventus 23-24 anthem jacket has a simplistic design in black and yellow. Interestingly, it features the Adidas Sportswear logo and not the new bars-only Adidas Performance logo.

Juventus 23-24 Training Collection

The Adidas Juventus FC 2023-24 pre-match jersey retails at 70 Euro, while the Adidas Juventus 23-24 anthem jacket has a price of 120 Euro.

Made by Adidas. Are you a fan of Juventus' pre-match jersey? Comment below.