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Milan x Off-White Released Limited Edition T-Shirt - to Support Milan Foundation

Serie A giant, AC Milan continue to extend their collaboration with renowned fashion label, Off-White, by releasing a new limited edition T-Shirt. The new shirt is not being released just for financial purposes but to give support to Rossoneri’s charity institution, Milan Foundation.

Milan x Off-White Released a Limited Edition T-Shirt to Support Milan Foundation

After recently unleashing a cool pre-game collection, Milan and Off-White amplify their partnership, this time with another exciting T-Shirt for charity reasons. The new shirt features some special stuff, such as the slogan ‘I Support Sport for Change’, a cool mascot logo on the back, and a hybrid writing logo of Milan x Off-White.

The T-Shirt is in black with additional red details to capture the club’s main red and black color in the new collection. Milan and Off-White are not planning to take a financial advantage from the new shirt’s sale as it s made in support of the club’s charity work under the Milan Foundation.

The Rossoneri and Off-White are collaborating to support the work of the club’s charity foundation in refurbishing a small multi-propose sports center, located in the suburb of Gratosoglio. For the positive initiative, Milan and the fashion label plan to donate all proceeds from the T-Shirt for aiding in the refurbishing of that sports building that has plenty of facilities such as two 5-a-side football pitches, a basketball court, and also a volleyball court.

Creating a partnership for charity work is actually something that suits what Milan and Off-White are all about as their main plan is always to use the power of sport to create positive changes. The current ‘I Sport Sport for Change’ is not the only charity-related project that the two major companies did together as previously they also unleashed the "WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE" back on October 2022.

Milan Started Collaboration with Off-White Since October 2022

Milan and Off White started their partnership in 2022 and since that date have been producing some excellent stuff with the latest one being a cool collection that included a pregame suit. The two major brands will keep working together for at least another year as their contract last for three years.

Although Milan and Off-White's latest partnership won't include any match or prematch stuff, it would still be an interesting T-Shirt to purchase. Not only because it is made for a good cause, the Rossoneri's 'I Support Sport for Change' shirt also offers interesting design features on the front and back.

Milan x Off-White's new T-Shirt is available for purchase only at the fashion company's official website and it's retail at a staggering $225, a pretty expensive number for a shirt.

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