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Monaco x Kappa 2023 Lifestyle Collection Released

AS Monaco continue to present their fans with an exciting merch collection as they added another collaboration with Kappa, part the 'Robe di Kappa' line. The new release is a lifestyle collection that won't include any match or pre-match wears at all.

Monaco x Kappa Unleash New Lifestyle Collection

The new collection is pretty large in terms of variety as it differentiates the design for male and female collections. The Robe di Kappa AS Monaco 2023 lifestyle collection includes three T-Shirts, eight different Polo Shirts designs, a Jumper, a Sweatshirt, Shorts, jackets, and a jacket. Some of the collections offer writing of the club's name while others will have the club's red-white logo instead. Other addition to the collection would be the Kappa's iconic logo plus Monaco's founding year in 1924.

Monaco's new collection in collaboration with their kit manufacturer, Kappa are seemingly intended to prepare fans for the upcoming summer. The range of outfits being presented are basically a sport-chic line that will allow fans to enjoy their leisure time while still representing the club.

AS Monaco x Kappa T-Shirts

Monaco's T-Shirts have three different designs and colorways, one in white, another in navy blue and the third combines both in a horizontal stripes pattern.

AS Monaco x Kappa Polo Shirts

Monaco's new polo shirts collection basically has two major designs one uses the club's letter name while the other uses the red-white crest. There's also a slight difference in model for women's Polo shirts as it has shorter sleeves.

Monaco x Kappa Jackets

Monaco and Kappa offer cool navy jackets with two different designs, one with a hoodie and another one without it for those who might just prefer the plain zipper jacket.

AS Monaco x Kappa Sweatshirt

Monaco's new sweatshirt collection is accompanied by a hoodie and has two main color combinations of red and navy.

Chelsea's x Kappa Jumpers

AS Monaco x Kappa Reversible Jacket

Kappa x Monaco's new reversible jacket is set in navy on one side and red on the other one but with a similar design.

AS Monaco x Kappa Hat

Monaco's 2023 Robe di Kappa lifestyle collection is available for purchase as the club's official online store and retail in the range of 23,50 euros to 99.00 euros.

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