Fulham 23-24 Home Kit Leaked - "Tommy Hilfiger Shorts"?

Update: The first real pictures of the Adidas Fulham 2023-2024 home kit have been leaked via @ityty23.

The shorts could are not related to the kit according to kit expert hendocfc

The new pictures of the Adidas Fulham 2023-2024 home kit confirm the leaked design and also show off the possible shorts, which feature a special black-white-red color block design. However, according to kit expert @hendocfc, the shorts are "just a random Tommy Hilfiger pair". Stay tuned as we hope to receive more information about the possible Fulham 23-24 home kit, and, especially, the shorts.

We can leak Fulham FC's new 2023-24 home kit. It is made by Adidas and will be worn in next season's Premier League campaign. Big thanks to bamicky.

Fulham 23-24 Home Kit

Check out Adidas' Fulham 23-24 home football shirt below.

The Adidas Fulham 2023-2024 home jersey has a bespoke yet classic design with two remarkable elements.

First, the Adidas Fulham 23-24 jersey has contrasting black sleeves, similar to the home shirt of the 2020-2021 season.

Second, the Adidas Fulham FC 2023-24 home shirt has a half-and-half scheme. It comes with half-and-half-colored Three Stripes and a half-and-half-colored collar. The right side is red, the left is white.

Fulham 20-21 vs 23-24 Home Kits

Other elements of the Adidas Fulham 2023-24 home football shirt are classic, including subtle pinstripes and a small buttoned-collar element.

What is surely most special about the Fulham 23-24 home kit are the shorts. They have a half-and-half board style, at least for the replica version.

Socks design not confirmed

Exclusive: Fulham 23-24 Home Kit to Feature Insane Shorts

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The Adidas Fulham 23-24 home jersey is available to buy from summer 2023.

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