Next-Gen Nike Tiempo Legend 10 'Launch' Boots Leaked

Update: New pictures of the next-generation Nike Tiempo 10 football boots in the launch colorway and the Black Pack colorway have been leaked. They show cheaper takedowns but still give us a good impression of the design. Big thanks to Nike Pro.

In summer 2023, Nike will launch the next-generation Tiempo Legend 10 boots. Now the launch colorway of the Tiempo has been leaked by PHÂN TÍCH GIÀY.

Next-Gen Nike Tiempo 10 2023 Boots Leaked - No Kangaroo Leather

Lucy Bronze became the first player to be spotted wearing themThe image of the next-generation Nike Tiempo 10 football boots shows the Turf version. The FG Elite edition will look very similar. A blackout prototype of the next-generation Nike Tiempo Legend 10 football boots has been worn by Lucy Bronze, greatly showing off the upper and details.

Nike Tiempo Legend 10 'Launch' - White / Black / Bright Crimson

This image shows the new Nike Tiempo 2023 boots in 'White / Black / Bright Crimson'.

The launch edition of the Nike Tiempo Legend 10 football boots combines a white upper with a bright red for the Flyknit collar and detailing, while the Swoosh is outlined black. It is a modern look for a modern boot.

Officially, the colorway of the new Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Launch football boots is White / Black / Bright Crimson.

Looking at features, the Nike Tiempo 2023 Launch football boots can be called revolutionary, at least for such a classic as the Tiempo silo. The next-generation Nike Tiempo Legend 10 Elite football boots have no kangaroo leather upper but a synthetic material.

The Tiempo Legend 10 features a new engineered synthetic leather The Tiempo Legend 10 features a new engineered synthetic leather upper that is both soft and durable. This material molds to the foot, providing a natural feel and excellent touch on the ball without becoming stretched out over time.

The foam pods that were present on the previous Tiempo model have been removed, creating a sleeker look and allowing for an even closer feel to the ball. The lines of the cleat have been molded into the material, and microdots have been added to enhance touch zones for passing, dribbling, and shooting.

The plate of the cleat is designed with different-shaped studs, with bladed studs in the heel for stability and conical studs in the forefoot for improved traction when braking. Flyknit technology is used around the ankle, providing a comfortable and stretchy fit for the player.

Finally, the cleats come with All Conditions Control (ACC), ensuring a reliable touch in both wet and dry conditions.

Overall, the Nike Tiempo Legend 10 soccer cleats are a lighter, sleeker, and more modernized version of their predecessors. It remains to be seen how the new synthetic material performs in comparison to K-leather, especially in terms of touch.

Nike Tiempo Legend 'Launch' - Features

  • No kangaroo leather
  • Nike-only, proprietary synthetic upper "that is a better performance solution than K-leather"
  • Molded lines into cleat replace thick foam pads
  • Microdots amplify touch zones
  • Outsole with different-shaped studs
  • Flyknit around the ankle
  • Price: around USD 250 (EUR 250, GBP 220)
  • Colorway: White / Black / Bright Crimson
  • Release date: July 2023

The launch edition of the Nike Tiempo 10 cleats is expected to be available from July 2023, retailing at around USD 250 (EUR 250, GBP 220).

Black Pack - Black / Chrome / Hyper Royal

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