Founded by Pique - All 2023 Kings League 2nd Split Kits Released - League-Wide Adidas Kit Deal

Some people argue that traditional football is uninteresting to the younger generation. In response, Gerard Pique, a former Barcelona player, created the Kings League. Let's examine the uniforms that will be worn by the teams competing in the second half of the 2023 Kings League.

Kings League 2nd Spilt 2023 Kits
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The Kings League, founded by Gerard Piqué and Ibai Llanos, Spain's most renowned online streamer, is a seven-a-side competition that commenced on January 1, 2023. The league features 12 teams comprising young local talents and retired Spanish league professionals.

Kings League 2nd Spilt 2023 Kits

Similar to the MLS, Adidas have partnered with the Kings League to provide the official kits for all teams. Additionally, InfoJobs, a prominent job portal, has secured the kit sponsorship rights for the league.

All the Kings League kits have been meticulously designed using Adidas' customization service, which was used to be called miteam and has been rebranded to Locker Room - this ensures a personalized touch for each team.

The designs of the 2023 Kings League kits are familiar to those info football kits, as most of the designs had been already used for traditional teams' football kits before.

In total, there are 12 teams participating in the Kings League - 1K, Aniquiladores, El Barrio, Jijantes FC, Kunisports, Los Troncos, Pio FC, Porcinos FC, Rayo de Barcelona, Saiyans FC, Ultimate Móstoles, Xbuyer Team.

Xbuyer and Los Troncos share the same design

The Adidas 2023 Kings League kits retail at a price of 70 Euro for Adults and Kids - yeap, the same price for young and old.

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Kings League 2nd Spilt 2023 Kits
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