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Adidas Bring Back 2002 World Cup Fevernova Ball Design

Adidas bring back the iconic Fevernova 2002 World Cup design with their Tiro 23 soccer ball.

Adidas Tiro Pro 23 "Fevernova" - White / Black / Iron Metallic / Power Red

Originally introduced for the 2002 World Cup, the Fevernova design became one of the most popular soccer balls in history, thanks to its striking and unique appearance. The Tiro 23 series will now carry this design across its entire range, including the Tiro Pro match ball and the Tiro Club training ball.

The Tiro Pro ball, which features a design inspired by the original Fevernova ball, will be the flagship model in the new range. It will be made using the latest technology, including a seamless surface for better aerodynamics and improved ball control. The Tiro Club ball will be more affordable and designed for recreational use, but will still feature the Fevernova-inspired design.

In contrast to Adidas' modern high-end footballs, the Adidas Tiro 23 Pro has a traditional 32-panel design.

The Adidas Tiro Pro 23 "Fevernova" football retails at a price of 85 GBP (100 EUR, 120 USD).

Unfortunately, the Adidas Tiro Pro football is not used in any major competition. Instead, leagues and teams use the more modern Adidas 2023 Women's World Cup ball.

A winter version as well as colorful takedowns of the Adidas Tiro 23 Pro are available as well.

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