Exclusive: Next-Gen Adidas X USA Football Boots Leaked - Other Countries to Follow?

Update: Thanks to our follower Gage, we can leak the first pictures of the special Adidas X Crazyfast USA football boots. They will be launched on 12 July 2023, shortly ahead of the 2023 Women's World Cup.

Other countries could follow, but it seems not probable as of today

We have no info if Adidas will also release other country versions of the next-generation Adidas X Crazyfast soccer cleats but it seems not likely as of now. We can also not yet confirm that they are designated for the Women's World Cup, but it is very probable.

Indeed, the USA Crazyfast edition evokes memories of the 2006 World Cup, when Adidas released unique F50 Tunit uppers for the 32 nations that qualified for the World Cup.

Adidas X Crazyfast.1 'USA' - White/Power Blue/Red

The Adidas X Crazyfast football shoes from the USA collection combine the colors of the US flag - white, blue, and red.

Several details make the Adidas X Crazyfast USA edition truly patriotic. The blue Three Stripes come with subtle stars, the heel area has a red and silver stars design, and the lettering USA is on the outstep. The insole has a blue/white stars design to round off the American look.

The Adidas X Crazyfast 'USA' football boots are identical to the launch edition in terms of tech. The Adidas X Crazyfast.1 soccer cleats feature an ADIZERO 99g design DNA, an Aeropacity Speedskin for stability and comfort, an Aerocage lining skeleton for support and stability, an Aeroplate lightweight tooling inlay, and increased sustainability standards.

Adidas X Crazyfast.1 'USA' - Features

  • 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup Special-Edition
  • Successor of the Adidas X Speedportal
  • Designed to achieve <175g
  • ADIZERO 99g design DNA
  • Aeropacity Speedskin: Single layer monomesh covered by purposefully placed double layer of low opacity TPU film for stability & comfort
  • Aerocage: Engineered lining skeleton for ideal support and stability, considered cutouts for better fit & lightweight performance
  • Aeroplate: New lightweight tooling inlay
  • Increased sustainability standard (64% bio based)
  • Dynamic Double Branding: Fast double branding on forefoot, textured stripe execution, lighter look and improved haptic and performance
  • Price: 260 USD (around EUR 240, GBP 200)
  • Colorway: White/Power Blue/Red
  • Release date: 12 July 2023

The Adidas X 2023 cleats from the USA pack are available from 12 July 2023, retailing at 260 USD (around EUR 240, GBP 200). Itis not known if they will be available outside of the USA.

Would you like Adidas to release more country versions of the Adidas X Crazyfast soccer cleats? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and check out the Boot Calendar for all Adidas football boot releases and leaks.