Alternative Juventus 23-24 Home Kit

The new Adidas Juventus 2023-24 home kit is surely one of the most remarkable home kits of the 23-24 season due to its zebra stripes and striking yellow logos. Footy Headlines member and FIFA Kit Creator Competition Admin Drake Froomer has created a concept design for the Juventus 23-24 home kit, aiming to address the concerns surrounding the original design.

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Alternative Juventus 23-24 Home Kit Redesign Offers Subtle and Traditional Elements

According to Drake, the dissatisfaction with the new Juventus 2023-24 home kit stems from its lack of subtlety and excessive use of striking yellow against contrasting jagged black and white stripes. The overall visual impact is overwhelming, making it difficult to appreciate.

Drake Froomer's alternative design approach focuses on preserving key elements from the original while adhering to the club's tradition. Emphasizing the use of yellow and drawing inspiration from zebra stripes, Froomer introduces significant modifications to create a more visually pleasing kit.

Different, but better? That's certainly a taste of personal opinion

The first major change involves reworking the jagged stripes, replacing them with traditional Juventus stripes. To add a touch of uniqueness, Froomer incorporates a subtle graphical overlay of zebra print, paying homage to the club's iconic heritage.

In terms of color placement, the vibrant yellow is reserved for various accents throughout the kit but not used for the logos. These accents include the collar, cuffs, and side stripes, adding a pop of color without overwhelming the overall design.

Furthermore, Froomer dims the intensity of the sponsor logo, allowing the rest of the kit to shine and reducing the garishness that plagued the original design.

Juventus 2023-24 Home
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Juventus 23-24 Concept - Key Facts:

  • Footy Headlines member Drake Froomer presents an alternative concept for the Juventus 23-24 home kit.
  • The design aims to address concerns regarding the original kit's lack of subtlety and excessive use of yellow.
  • Froomer reworks the jagged stripes with traditional Juventus stripes and incorporates zebra print as a subtle graphical overlay.
  • Yellow is reserved for collar, cuff, and side stripe accents to add pops of color without overwhelming the design.
  • The sponsor logo is dimmed to reduce garishness and allow the rest of the kit to shine.
  • The alternative design offers a balanced and visually appealing option that celebrates the club's heritage while embracing modernity.

By combining subtlety, tradition, and careful attention to detail, this alternative concept for the Juventus 23-24 home kit offers a more traditional appealing option for fans. Is it better than Adidas' kit? That's certainly a matter of personal opinion.

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Different, but better than Adidas' design? What's your verdict on Drake's alternative Juventus FC home jersey? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article, and browse the 23-24 Kit Overview for all 2023-24 football kit info.