Arsenal 23-24 Pre-Match Shirt Released

Following up on the likely planned "leak" during Bukayo Saka's renewal announcement, Arsenal launched their new 2023-24 pre-match top a few days ago, together with the new home kit.

Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Released

Arsenal 23-24 Pre-Match Kit

This is the Arsenal FC 23-24 pre-match jersey, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Arsenal 23-24 pre-match shirt is mainly red with a pattern consisting of repeating lightning bolts. These come in two colors, one version dark red with a light shadow and the other orange with a dark shadow.

This design presents clear ties to the 23-24 home shirt design, which also incorporates lightning elements.

Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Leaked

All logos appear in white, with Arsenal's badge in red and white.

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