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Below Par: Castore Sevilla FC Retro Kit Released

Castore have attempted a retro collection for Sevilla FC, consisting of a retro jersey and two track tops. Photos courtesy of @BenditosColores.

Sevilla Retro Kit

Check out Castore's Sevilla retro shirt below.

The Castore Sevilla retro shirt is a rather poor imitation of the club's 92-93 home shirt (shown side by side with the retro kit below), famously worn by Diego Maradona. Plain white with two red bands on each sleeve, the polo collar is also red.

An old school number 10 is printed on the front and back, with a sky blue shadow in reference to El Diego. The collar trim is also sky blue.

Differences from the original include its regular cut sleeves instead of raglan, lack of piping on the shoulders and the absence of a jacquard weave.

Sevilla Retro Track Tops

Check out Castore's Sevilla Retro Track Tops below.

Castore have also produced two retro track tops, one half zip and one full zip. Both are mainly red with white accents and a sky blue zip.

Are you a fan of the Sevilla retro and Retro Track Tops shirts by Castore? Comment below.