Dundalk 2023 Third Kit Released

Dundalk's new 2023 third shirt was released yesterday. It is made by Playr-Fit and will be worn in the 2023 League of Ireland Premier Division season.

Dundalk 2023 Third Kit

This is the new Playr-Fit Dundalk third shirt for 2023.

The Playr-Fit Dundalk 2023 third shirt is a mix of sky blue and navy, colours not typically associated with the club. The sky bue base is overlaid with a navy pattern that fades in and out on the torso.

The sleeves and back are plain, and Playr-Fit combines the Dundalk 2023 third jersey with sky blue shorts and navy socks.

Made by Playr-Fit. What's your verdict on Dundalk's third kit? Comment below.