Bold Adidas MLS 2023 Pride Pre-Match Shirts Released

As every year since 2020, Adidas released Pride pre-match jerseys for all MLS teams to support the LGBTQIA+ movement, in celebration of Pride Month in June.

Designed to make a bold statement, MLS athletes will proudly don these vibrant kits before Pride Games, which will be held from May through August. This initiative reflects the league's ongoing commitment to fostering a more inclusive and accepting environment for all individuals.

For the 2023 Pride Pack, which includes black tees for each club in addition to the pre-match kits, Adidas partnered with Queer South African designer Rich Mnisi. Known for loud and bold graphics, Mnisi expresses himself in a way that doesn't fit the perceived gender binary: He dares to reimagine a world where the freedom of self-expression exists without bias.

Adidas MLS 2023 Pride pre-match Kit

Check out the Adidas MLS 2023 Pride pre-match shirt below.

Adidas MLS's 2023 pride pre-match shirt has a fresh yet bold look. It is mainly white with a rainbow camo pattern on the shoulders.

Instead of each team's main sponsors, the rainbow lettering "Love Unites" is on the front of Adidas MLS's 2023 pride pre-match football shirt. The main sponsor can be found on the back top instead.

Adidas combine the white the new Adidas MLS 2023 pride pre-match shirt with black for logos, the Three Stripes, the collar, and the sleeve cuffs.

Adidas MLS's 2023 pride pre-match football shirt retails at 65 USD.

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