PSG 24-25 Home Kit Leaked

Update: We get the first look at the collar detail of the Nike Paris Saint-Germain 24-25 home kit. It has a big Parix text, with a smaller Saint-Germain below.

Update: We can leak a new image of the Nike Paris Saint-Germain 2024-2025 home kit. It is the first to show an official Nike product. Thanks to @sneakermarketro for helping us out with this.

Update: We can leak the first actual photos of the Nike Paris Saint-Germain 2024-2025 home kit. They show the real design, but the product is a counterfeit.

PSG 24-25 Home Kit

This picture shows the new Nike Paris Saint-Germain home jersey for 24-25.

The Nike PSG 2024-25 home football shirt returns to the club's classic Hechter. The last Paris Saint-Germain kit to have a classic Hechter was the 2020-21 home shirt.

The Hechter shirt is a legendary symbol of Paris Saint-Germain's history and identity. Designed by fashion icon Daniel Hechter, it was inspired by a Mustang car and the colors of Ajax.

The Hechter looks like it was painted on the kit

Nike gives the Hechter kit a painted look with subtle brush effects.

The Hechter returns after protests of the club ultra about the untraditional PSG home kit in recent years. A permanent return of the Hechter "is in the pipeline", according to the club's ultras. They "continue to work on it".

The Paris Saint-Germain 2024-2025 home kit will be launched in May/June 2024.

Do you like the return of the Hechter for the Paris Saint-Germain 24-25 home uniform? What do you think of the painted effect? Comment below.