One-Off | Incredibile Pantofola d'Oro x Panini Boots

In celebration of their new partnership, Italian heritage brand Pantofola d'Oro have created a special version of their Lazzarini boot in collaboration with Panini.

Pantofola d'Oro x Panini Lazzarini Boot

Pantofola d'oro and Panini are two classic Italian brands from different sectors of the football world.They've come together for a collaborative partnership, and to kick things off, they've produced a very special edition of the boot brand's Lazzarini model.

Famous for their plain, handcrafted leather boots, this version of the Lazzarini is a big change from Pantofola d'Oro's trademark old school aesthetic, even if it has been decorated with some decidedly old school photos. Each boot is covered with images from dozens of Panini's famous stickers, showing off the style of the 1970s and 80s.

Big hair, and even bigger collars on some of the kits visible. Ironically for a collaboration between to Italian brands, the stickers used on the boots seem to show players from UK clubs only.

This boot is a very special edition, created to open the partnership. It will not be worn be any players and will not go on sale, not even in limited quantities. It will be interesting to see what collaborative projects the two brands have in store after this, but given the heritage of both Panini and Pantofola d'Oro, it's safe to say they will have a plenty of nostalgic appeal.

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