Worst Ever Inspiration for a Kit? Holstein Kiel 22-23 "Construction Site" Kit Released

KSV Holstein's new 2022-2023 special kit was released today. It is made by Puma and is allegedly inspired by the ongoing construction work at their stadium.

Holstein Kiel 22-23 Special Kit

This is the new Puma Holstein Kiel special jersey for 2022-23.

The Puma Kiel 2022-2023 special shirt is white with orange diagonal stripes across the torso, resembling the warning signs commonly used on construction sites.

The sleeves are plain white and the round neck collar and cuffs are black, matching the Puma and sponsor logos. Limited to only 1900 shirts, anyone who buys the jersey will receive a voucher that entitles them to a piece of the old stadium.

Sounds like a nice gesture, but the club made sure to dampen expectations with the examples listed. Each piece will be a maximum of 20cm x 20cm, and could be "a piece of ground plate, a part of the advertising board or a screw." Surely they can do better than a screw.

Made by Puma. What's your opinion on KSV Holstein's special kit? Comment below.