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All-New Nike Phantom Luna Boots Released - Retail Price, Manufacturer Country & Launch Date

Update: Following the official reveal on Wednesday, Nike have uploaded the Nike Phantom Luna football boots to their official website. This gives us a better look at the shoes and the accompanying bag while confirming the official retail price - $275 (€280, £255), manufacturer country (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and launch date (Wednesday, 28 June 2023).

Nike have raised the bar for women's football boots with the introduction of Phantom Luna, the brand's most innovative and meticulously researched women's-led boot to date. Developed with a focus on traction, fit, and feel, the Nike Phantom Luna caters to the specific needs of female footballers.

The Nike Phantom Luna football boots have been designed with a female-first mindset, but there are no female-only boot. Real Madrid's youngster Aurelien Tchouamen was spotted testing them in training in Spring 2023.

Nike's Phantom Luna: The Game-Changing Boot Designed by and for Women

Nike's dedication to serving the future of athletes and sport is evident in Phantom Luna's breakthrough features. The Nike Phantom Luna soccer boot showcases a revolutionary new traction pattern called Nike Cyclone 360, which significantly enhances rotational traction while reducing the risk of ACL injuries.

Female footballers are up to six times more likely to suffer an ACL injury

Female footballers are up to six times more likely to suffer an ACL injury than their male counterparts. The new Nike Phantom Luna Cyclone 360 traction approaches this problem.

Phantom Luna's fit is fine-tuned for female footballers, featuring the Nike Asym Fit upper design that offers a snug fit around the ankle based on valuable feedback from players. Additionally, the boot incorporates Nike Gripknit, the latest football innovation, which provides bigger touch zones for optimal control and accuracy during quick passes and movements down the pitch.

Dr. Elysia Davis, Principal Researcher in the Nike Sport Research Lab, affirms that Phantom Luna embodies Nike's commitment to championing women in sports. The boot's thoughtful design, circular stud pattern, and fit enable athletes to perform with precision and confidence on the pitch.

“Phantom Luna is a direct reflection of Nike’s focus on being her biggest champion,” says Dr. Elysia Davis, Principal Researcher in the Nike Sport Research Lab. “From research to testing to design, we put her at the center of the process. With Phantom Luna, we’re offering a boot that is thoughtfully designed for her with a new circular stud pattern and fit, helping athletes to move with precision and confidence on the pitch.”

Nike Phantom Luna Soccer Cleats - Features

  • Female players at the center of the design process - prioritize traction, fit, and feel for female footballers' needs
  • Available in Men's and Women's sizes
  • Nike Cyclone 360, a breakthrough traction pattern improving rotational traction and increased lockdown reducing risk of ACL injuries
  • Nike Asym Fit provides a snug fit around the ankle, based on feedback from female footballers
  • Nike Gripknit enhances boot-to-ball connection with optimal touch zones for control and accuracy
  • Manufacturing Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Price: $275 (€280, £255)
  • Release date: 28 June 2023

The Nike Phantom Luna Elite and Phantom Luna soccer cleats will be available for purchase from Wednesday, 28 June 2023, on and select retailers. The have a retail price of $275 (€280, £255).

Let's hear your thoughts on Nike's new Phantom Luna cleats below.