Cádiz 23-24 Home Kit Released

The Cádiz CF 2023-24 home jersey was released today.

Cádiz 23-24 Home Kit
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Made by Macron and sponsored by DIGI, it will be worn in the new La Liga season.

Cádiz 23-24 Home Kit

This is the Cádiz 2023-2024 home shirt, made by Macron.

The Macron Cádiz CF 23-24 home jersey is a beautiful yellow and blue shirt. It features a subtle tiled pattern on the shirt and for the details on the cuffs and collar, a mixture of blue, white and gold lines are used.

The Macron symbol is also taped along the shoulders, as usual on this template. On the back, the pattern continues through the yellow of the shirt, as we can see in the details below.

The shorts of the Cádiz 2023-2024 uniform are blue.

One interesting detail is that the DIGI sponsor has been digitally added to the promotional pictures taken at the stadium, which suggests that the renewal of the sponsor was late or that the pictures were taken a long time ago.

May we remind you, Cádiz switched main sponsor in the middle of last season, so those options depicted above are fairly reasonable.

The Macron Cádiz 2023-24 home football shirt costs you 82€.

Cádiz 23-24 Home Kit
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Made by Macron. What do you think about Cádiz's home jersey? Comment below.