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Finally: Fixed Authentic Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Shirt Available in Asia, Europe & USA to Follow Shortly?

Update: It has been four months since fans noticed that the original authentic Arsenal 2023-2024 home kit had the wrong number of games from the invisible season. The kit only featured 32 games instead of the correct 38. The production of the fixed Adidas Arsenal 2023-2024 authentic home kit now seems to be completed - the kit is already available in various Asian countries, including Singapore.

Thanks to WestonSG for the pictures

It will take until the end of November for the kit to be available in the USA because the shirts need to be shipped from Asia. It might be available a little earlier in Europe, but we have no exact date yet.

Update: The corrected version of the Arsenal 23-24 home shirt player issue is already available to buy at JD Sports (pictured here by Alex Harris and shared by @arsenalshirt). We have highlighted the match results and indeed there are 38 games displayed now. The shirt is not yet available at Arsenal Direct or Adidas but should appear there shortly, too. It's impressive to see how quick Adidas were to correct the error.

August 2023: Arsenal Still Wear Wrong 23-24 Home Kit

Update: The Adidas Arsenal 2023-2024 home kit is still not being available in the authentic version. The first team are also still wearing the wrong kit, with only 32 out of the 38 games. This confirms that it will still take quite a time (certainly a few weeks) for Adidas to have the shirts ready. Big thanks to @ArsenalShirt for the observation.

Update: Adidas have stopped the sale of the Arsenal 23-24 home kit in the authentic version because of lacking six games of the Invincible Season on the side panel. Both Adidas and Arsenal have removed the authentic shirt from the market, and it is no longer available for purchase through retail partners. However, there has been no official statement released on the matter yet.

Only 32 of 28 Invincible Season Games: Arsenal 23-24 Authentic Home Kit Taken Off Adidas Website & "Sold Out" on Arsenal Website

When trying to open the Arsenal 23-24 authentic home kit on Adidas' official website with a cached link to the product, it redirects to the Adidas Jersey subpage instead of the actual kit. Meanwhile, the kit on the Arsenal website is suddenly "Sold Out" in all sizes.

19 June 2023: Adidas Arsenal 23-24 Home Kit Features Just 32 of 38 Games From Invincible Season

A crucial and unexpected error has been discovered on the Adidas Arsenal 23-24 home kit by Arsenal supporter @arstaoly and later confirmed by @ArsenalShirt and other fans.

Arsenal Kit Blunder: Only 32 of the 38 Games Featured on 23-24 Home Shirt

The revelation came to light when keen-eyed supporters noticed that the tape on the shirt displayed just 32 W/D (wins/draws), falling short of the complete record of 38 games from the iconic Invincible season. The missing matches have raised questions about whether this is an oversight by Adidas, the kit manufacturer, or a deliberate decision by Arsenal.

It is no error with the sizing of the shirt, as there are dots that separate the sequence.

The discrepancy becomes evident in the absence of the last four games of the season, including draws against Portsmouth and Birmingham. Furthermore, two wins from the team's nine-game winning streak (games 21-29) are also missing. These missing results are represented by six missing letters that should have been featured on the tape.

Arsenal supporters have expressed their disappointment and frustration, sharing their own experiences of incorrect taping on their shirts. For instance, one fan noted that their kit displays "WWWWDD" instead of the accurate "WWWWWWDD," indicating that the record is simply wrong. This discrepancy is particularly significant as the kit is advertised on the official website as representing the unbeaten 2003-2004 Invincible season, which consisted of 26 wins and 12 draws.

It seems unlikely that Adidas will fix the kit

It remains to be seen whether Arsenal or Adidas will address this issue and provide an explanation or resolution for supporters who wish to have an accurate representation of the Invincible season on their shirts.

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