Adidas Italy 2023 125-Years Anniversary Kit Released - 250 Euro, Limited to 2,023 Pieces, Sold Out

Update: The Adidas Italy 125th anniversary kit has been made available to buy this morning on the website of the Italian national team. Limited to just 2,023 pieces, it retails at a price of 250 Euros. It is already sold out everywhere, including Adidas' and FIGC's websites.

There is also a track jacket and track pants for the Italy 2023 anniversary kit. These are not limited and retail at the regular prices - 90 Euros for the jacket and 80 Euros for the pants.

The Adidas Italy 125th Anniversary Kit" was revealed today. It will be available to buy from tomorrow, Wednesday, June 14, 2023, in a strictly limited quantity of just 2,023 shirts.

On March 26, 1898, a bit more than 125 years ago, the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio were established by a committee in Turin. Originally named Federazione Italiana Football, this organization have played an integral role in making football a beloved national pastime over the past 125 years. The FIGC also released a special 125th-anniversary logo.

There will be a special Match version with interrupted Three Stripes

The Italian national team will debut the new 125th-anniversary Adidas kit in the UEFA Nations League Finals against Spain on Thursday, June 15, 2023. There will be a special Match version with interrupted Three Stripes and without the text below the crest - there are no pictures of that version yet.

Adidas Italy 2023 125th Anniversary Kit

This is the new Adidas Italy special-edition football shirt for 2023.

The Adidas Italy 2023 special-edition football shirt introduces a clean design in white with golden logos and accents.

The standout feature of the Adidas Italy 2023 special-edition football shirt is the crest, which comes with a laurel wreath around it.

The uniform's white crew-neck, adorned with the traditional three adidas stripes running over the shoulders, is supplemented by the ‘Flatnik’ weaving technique. This technique provides a contemporary update to the classic style, with the weft of the short sleeves being particularly noteworthy. Additionally, a label commemorating the anniversary of the Italian Football Federation has been included on the right side as a further valuable element.

The shorts of the Adidas Italy 125th anniversary kit are white with gold details and three stripes on the sides, while the right thigh showcases the FIGC commemorative crest. The black socks have gold embroidery, including the Italy inscription on the front, the adidas logo on the back, and three stripes below the knee.

The new Italy 2023 special-edition uniform is available to buy from Wednesday, June 14, 2023, with only 2,023 pieces available, like the year of the anniversary.

The Adidas Italy 125th-anniversary jersey comes in a special white box that's split into two parts and has a gold trim. The upper part of the box features the FIGC crest in its 125th anniversary version, adorned with four stars symbolizing the team's four World Cup victories. A golden laurel wreath surrounds the crest, with the inscription "125th anniversary 1898-2023" below. Inside the box, there are two levels covered with tissue paper displaying the dates 1898-2023, where the commemorative uniform can be found. The box includes a jersey, shorts, and socks. To complete the special pack, there's a postcard showing the Italian national team in 1910, ahead of its historical debut.

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