MLS 2023 All-Star Kit Released - To Be Worn Vs Arsenal

The 2023 Shirt for the MLS All-Stars has been launched. It will be worn in the match against Arsenal at the Glenn Warner Soccer Facility in Annapolis, MD on July 19th at 3 PM ET.

MLS 2023 All-Star Kit

This is the MLS 2023 All-Star jersey, made by Adidas.

The Adidas MLS 2023 All-Star football shirt is black, white, and red, partly based on the Adidas Tiro 23 keeper template.

The Adidas MLS 2023 All-Star shirt is inspired by the Nation’s Capital’s famous landmarks and the District of Columbia flag’s three stars. It comes with a red tar graphic emanating from the center.

MLS All-Star 2023 T-Shirt

The Adidas MLS 2023 All-Star jersey has been available since June 27, retailing at 100 USD.

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