Too Similar? Atlas FC 23-24 Home & Away Kits Released

The new Atlas FC home, and away kits were released today. The prominence of red on both shirts leaves for little contrast between them. They are made by Charly and will be worn in the 2023-24 Liga MX.

Atlas FC 23-24 Home Kit

These are the Atlas FC 23-24 home and shirts, made by Charly.

The Charly Atlas FC 23-24 home jersey is diagonally divided into red and black sections, with all sponsor logos coloured white.

An embossed wolf's head emblem is featured above the jocktag near the hemline.

Atlas FC 23-24 Away Kit

This is the Atlas FC 2023-2024 away shirt, made by Charly.

The Charly Atlas F.C..Atlas 2023-24 away football shirt is all red with a black polo collar. Again, all sponsor logos are white.

The same wolf's head symbol is present not only above the jocktag, but as the central motif on the torso, rotated and repeated all across it.

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