Fail? Adidas Messi Inter Miami Kits Not Available Until October

Messi had an incredible debut for Inter Miami, scoring the winning goal in extra time with a fantastic free kick. However, fans who want his Inter Miami No. 10 kit are left disappointed.

Adidas Messi Inter Miami Shirts 2023
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Messi has delivered, Adidas yet have to

This item will be shipped no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Adidas Do not Manage to Reproduce & Ship Messi Kits in Less Than 3 Months

The Adidas Inter Miami kits featuring the iconic No. 10 of the Argentine superstar are available to purchase via the official MLS store and Adidas website. However, they are all pre-order items - they will not be available until October, as written on the official MLS store.

Despite brands emphasizing the importance of a fast design and production process, they have yet to achieve this

Why the delay? It's quite easy. When producing the Inter Miami kits in late 2022/early 2023, Adidas could not know that Messi would join the club half a year later. Now Adidas are reproducing Inter Miami kits to have the demand covered.

However, it is still odd to see that it takes Adidas up to 3 months to get the Inter Miami Messi kits produced and shipped. In the last few years, all brands have made statements on how important a fast design and production process is, but the reality showcases that Adidas are not yet there where they want to be.

The shipping date has already been improved and moved up from November to October.

Football's most wanted football kit currently

What is favorable that Adidas/MLS managed to get the shirts shipped out earlier than initially stated. It first said that they would be shipped "before 22 November", but now they managed to assure it be delivered before 18 October.

Adidas Messi Inter Miami Shirts 2023
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Are you surprised that it takes Adidas up to five months to get the Inter Miami Messi kit ready? Let us know in the comments below.