Cardiff City 23-24 Away Kit Released

Cardiff City F.C.'s new 23-24 away jersey was released today. It is made by NB and will be worn in the next Championship season.

The coloring of the store pictures is too less maroonish

What is bad that the store pictures appear to have a different maroon than the launch pictures due to bad coloring. We think the dark maroon of the launch pictures is the correct shade of color.

Cardiff City 23-24 Away Kit

This is the Cardiff City F.C. 23-24 away football shirt, made by New Balance.

The New Balance Cardiff City F.C. 2023-2024 away football shirt is a significant change to the club's colour scheme, opting for a maroon-colored shirt with black and white diagonal stripes on the left-hand side. This is a departure from last season's grey and black away shirt.

The badge of the New Balance Cardiff 23-24 away football shirt is completely white, making it stand out from the maroon background.

Cardiff City 22-23 vs 23-24 Away Kits

Rounding off the look, the shorts and socks are of the New Balance Cardiff City F.C. 2023-2024 away jersey are also maroon.

Cardiff 23-24 Goalkeeper Away Kit

The Cardiff City 23-24 keeper away kit is a full green number with a square, patchwork-type effect like on the home goalkeeper jersey.

Cardiff City 23-24 Home Kit

The New Balance Cardiff City 2023-24 home shirt blends three shades of blue together, using rhombus shapes and diagonal cut-off lines to create a sort of distorted striped effect.

Made by New Balance. Do you like Cardiff City's away kit? Comment below.