Best Kit in Spain in 23-24 Season? Massive Valladolid 23-24 Away Kit Released

Real Valladolid have unveiled their new Kappa second Real Valladolid CF's new 2023-2024 away uniform for the 2023-24 La Liga 2 season, closing the 'Fear the Fog' ('Temed la Niebla') cycle with a premonition of new times of glory.

Valladolid 23-24 Away Kit
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Kappa make the Valladolid 2023-2024 kits, replacing Adidas.

Valladolid 23-24 Away Kit

Check out Kappa's Valladolid 23-24 away jersey below.

The Kappa Valladolid 23-24 away jersey has been made jointly by the club and Valladolid artist Félix Rodríguez 'Mr. Zé'. Two things make the Kappa Valladolid 2023-2024 away jersey unique.

First, the Kappa Real Valladolid 23-24 away jersey is all-purple, including tonal logos (except for the sponsor).

Fear the Fog' ('Temed la Niebla')

Second, the Kappa Real Valladolid CF 2023-24 away football shirt comes with a unique graphic design. The design has been created by Félix Rodríguez, a renowned Valladolid artist with an extensive curriculum behind him and who was once named one of the 25 world ambassadors of Calligraffiti for his skill in the technique of calligraphy applied to new media.

On the collar is the lettering 'Temed la Niebla''.

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The Kappa Real Valladolid CF 2023-24 away shirt is available since July 21, retailing at 80 Euro.

Valladolid 23-24 Away Kit
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Made by Kappa. What do you think about Real Valladolid CF's away jersey? Comment below.