No More Meyba - Twente 23-24 Away Kit Released

Twente's new 2023-24 away shirt was released today. It is made by Castore and will be worn in next season's Eredivisie campaign.

Twente 23-24 Away Kit

This is the FC Twente 23-24 away football shirt, made by Castore.

The Castore Twente 2023-2024 away shirt is navy with a yellow band running down the right hand side of the shirt, passing behind the Castore logo. Short diagonal strokes run along side the band on each side, thickening towards the top on the left hand side and thinning on the left.

Some more yellow trim is found on the cuffs, while the v neck is plain navy. The sponsor logos are white and the crest is in full colour.

Made by Castore. Do you like Twente's away shirt? Comment below.