Ridiculous? Manchester United Have a Problem Wearing the Correct Socks

Update: Manchester United did manage to wear another different black socks with their home kit in the Premier League match against Brighton. This time, they were standard black/white Adidas teamwear socks but with the new Adidas logo.

The only correct socks are those with a custom design, exclusively provided by Adidas for Manchester United for the 2023-2024 season. They match the design of the home rose-bridge-inspired Manchester United home shirt.

Indeed, as also spotted by @kit_geek, Manchester United have sported five unique kit variations in their first 5 Premier League matches.

26 August 20023: Manchester United Wear Wrong, Old Adidas Socks vs Nottingham

Manchester United's uniform woes continue in the 2023-24 season, it has been spotted by @museumofjerseys.

Manchester United Make a Kit "Mistake" With Old Socks

Manchester United wore the wrong socks with an old Adidas logo in their match against Nottingham Forest that was just finished. The team had been wearing the correct home set in their previous games, but this time they opted for a teamwear set with the old Adidas logo.

Correct socks vs Wolves, wrong socks vs Nottingham Forest

This follows a series of uniform errors made by the team in the last season.

We have no explanation for itFooty Headlines are puzzled by the constant uniform mishaps of Manchester United, and have no explanation for it yet.

3rd Error This Season: Manchester United Used Away Socks vs Brighton

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