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Botswana 2023 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

We have kit news from International today as Botswana have launched their new Umbro 2023 home, away and third shirts. Photos courtesy of @KillerpassBOTS.

Botswana 2023 Home Kit

Check out Umbro's Botswana 2023 home jersey below.

Sky blue is the main colour of the Umbro Botswana 2023 shirt, with uneven white hoops also running across the torso. Strangely, two different versions of the Umbro Botswana 2023 home shirt were unveiled at the launch, one with raglan sleeves and a royal blue neckline, the other with a crew neck and regular cut.

The sleeves of both versions are plain black and the Umbro Botswana 2023 home football shirt has a slightly oversized federation badge.

Botswana 2023 Away Kit

Check out Umbro's Botswana 2023 away jersey below.

The Umbro Botswana 2023 away jersey inverts the home colours for a white shirt with blue sleeves, this time featuring a raglan cut.

A brushstroke style graphic pattern covers the torso, the right half blue and the left half grey.

Botswana 2023 Third Kit

This is the Botswana 2023 third jersey, made by Umbro.

The Umbro Botswana 2023 third shirt takes the away template and substitutes the white torso for black. A different, dark grey graphic pattern is used on the Umbro Botswana 2023 third jersey.

Are you a fan of Umbro's new home, away and third jerseys for Botswana? Comment below.