Saraburi United (Thai League 3) Away Jersey Copied From Feyenoord X Castore Concept

We have some odd kit news from the third Thai division, thanks to Saraburi United. Their new shirt was released last week, however, it has was certainly not designed by the company supplying their kits.

Saraburi United 23-24 Kit

This is the new TW Sport Saraburi United jersey for 2023-24.

The TW Sport Saraburi United 23-24 jersey is a blatant copy of graphic designer @jaccovansanten5's concept for a Castore Feyenoord kit. He presented his work back in May already, confirming to us that the club had in fact not reached out to him.

While the collar and sleeves are different, the unique graphic of river deltas is taken directly from the concept with hardly any alteration.

Are you a fan of Saraburi United's jersey? Do you prefer the original concept for Feyenoord? Comment below.