Police Catch Students who Shoplifted 47 Bayern Munich Jerseys from Club Shop

An unusual kit story made the headlines in Germany a few days ago as 47 jerseys that had been stolen from the Bayern Munich club shop at the Allianz Arena were recovered by police from a group of Spanish students.

German Police Recover Stolen Bayern Munich Jerseys from Spanish Students

German outlet Focus report that Bavarian police successfully tracked down the culprits after a large scale shoplifting incident at Bayern's club shop at the Allianz Arena in Munich. The alarm was raised when clothing tags that had been removed from various items were found scattered in the store.

The police then tracked down a group of Spanish students who were about to begin their bus journey home. The street was closed for four hours while police searched the luggage of 160 students, from which they recovered 47 stolen Bayern Munich jerseys along with other items taken from the club shop. 28 students were implicated in the offence, with five of them being arrested.

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