Grey Everton 23-24 Third Kit Released - Rupert Tower Instead of Usual Club Crest

Everton Football Club's new 2023-2024 third jersey was released today, confirming the leak. It is made by Hummel and will be worn in the 23-24 Premier League campaign.

Everton 23-24 Third Kit

Check out Hummel's Everton 2023-2024 third shirt below.

The Hummel Everton 23-24 third jersey celebrates Hummel's 100th anniversary by having the brand's famous Denmark 1986 design.

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The Hummel Everton FC 2023-24 third shirt features different shades of grey, combined with blue logos. Hummel's chevrons are on the shoulders of the Everton 23-24 third kit - it is the same template as for many other Hummel 2023-2024 kits.

The pinstriped shirt provides a striking contrast between neutral and ultimate grey tones, a white base palate, and traditional Everton blue accents, including a stylish V neckline and modernized shoulder chevrons.The Prince Rupert's Tower logo takes the place of the Club crest on the Everton 2023-2024 third kit.

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The Everton 2023-2024 third kit is complemented by ultimate grey shorts with vertical blue and white chevrons and ultimate grey socks with a blue, horizontal chevron trim.

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Everton 23-24 Goalkeeper Third Kit

The Hummel Everton Football Club 2023-2024 third shirt is available to buy for 70 GBP. A long-sleeve version is available as well - the Kids' version is sponsorless.

Made by Hummel. Another 1986-inspired design. Do you like Everton's third jersey? Drop us a line below, and see the 23-24 Kit Overview for more 2023-2024 football kit info.