Nike Al-Nassr 23-24 Home & Away Kits Available to Buy, But Only in the Club's Physical Stores

Update - 5 November 2023: Al-Nassr and Nike have finished the production of the first batches of the Al-Nassr 2023-2024 home and away kits. But, unfortunately, only a very few have a chance to get them yet.

The Nike Al-Nassr 2023-2024 home and away kits are only available to buy in the club's physical store. It is possible to have three different players on the back - Cristiano Ronaldo, Sadio Mane, and Marcelo Brozović. The kit costs you 379 riyals (101 USD), with player printing adding an extra 57 riyals (15 USD). All info is @ByanNassr.

Footy Headlines have no info if and when Nike will sell the Al-Nassr 2023-2024 kits.

Update - 4 October 2023: Three months into the new season, the Nike Al Nassr 2023-2024 kits are still not available for purchase. The club has yet to announce a launch date. We can not remember an important club not having their kits available so far into the season.

Al-Nassr already debuted their Nike 2023-2024 home and away kits in the Asian Champions League. They only featured the main sponsor, King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), as the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) only allow one sponsor in their prime club competition.

Update - 7 September 2023: It seems like the Nike Al-Nassr 2023-2024 kits will be released very, very soon. The Al-Nassr store was temporarily taken down today, probably in preparation for the launch of the kits. Thanks to @Nawaf_STATS for the spot.

We strongly expect that only the club will sell the kits. They won't be available via Nike or independent retailers likely.

It's been almost two months since Nike became the official kit maker of Al-Nassr, replacing The Saudi brand Duneus. However, fans are still unable to get their hands on the new kits.

Al-Nassr Nike Kits Did Not Hit Shelves Yet

Al-Nassr are still selling their old Duneus kits.

Despite having players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sadio Mane in their squad, Al-Nassr are not yet a Nike premium team and not even a team with special treatment. Their kits are based on standard Nike teamwear with the design added by the club.

Al-Nassr are not yet a Nike premium team

It's unclear when the kits will be available for purchase, but it's likely that the club will have to customize the shirts by themselves or with the help of a store. As they are not used to dealing with such high demand, it could take another few weeks or even months.

The club are at a lower level than Young Boys and Sunderland.

It could be that Nike give Al-Nassr better treatment from the 2024-2025 season, but currently, the club are on a similar level as small European clubs like Zürich and below, such as Young Boys and Sunderland.

Rivals Al-Hilal sold over 10,000 Neymar shirts in the first seven hours

Al-Hilal, their local rivals with a stadium less than 10km away, sold over 10,000 Neymar shirts in 7 hours with their premium Puma deal this season.

Al-Nassr Kits Not Available - Here Is Why

👕 Al-Nassr's Nike kits not yet available to buy

🏭 Club must customize shirts themselves or with the help of a store,

❌ Club not accustomed to high demand

🆚 Rivals Al-Hilal can meet demand - sold over 10,000 Puma shirts in 7 hours, also thanks to Puma premium deal

Al-Nassr kits are actually based on the cheap Nike Park 7 teamwear shirt

Are you surprised that it is taking so long for Al-Nassr's Nike kits to hit the shelves? Will the club be able to meet the high demand for their new kits? Let us know in the comments below.