Insane: Welsh Club Release 23-24 'Subway' Away Kit, Would Be Banned in Every Top League

Welsh lower division football club Albion Rovers have released their new away kit, and it caused quite a stir among sports fans and officials alike.

Albion Rovers 23-24 Subway Away Kit
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The whole design is made up of the Subway logo in the form of a pattern

Albion Rovers 23-24 Subway Away Kit

This is the new Tor Albion Rovers Subway away jersey for 2023-2024.

The Tor Albion Rovers 23-24 Subway away jersey features the Subway logo repeated all over it, with the name of the fast food chain appearing in the center of the front.

The Albion Rovers FC badge on the Subway kit is on the left breast, with a black Tor Sports logo on the right breast. The back of the shirt has the Subway logo repeated, with 'Albion' written in the form of the Subway text logo.

Indeed, the Subway pattern would be forbidden in all important leagues by kit regulations, but it appears the Welsh fifth division (Gwent County League First Division) did allow the club to release a kit made up of the sponsor.

Kit regulation in bigger leagues would have forbidden this sbirt

Albion Rovers 23-24 Home Kit

Meanwhile, the Albion Rovers 2023-2024 home kit is very classic, in red and yellow, with a stylish large collar. It also comes with a different sponsor than the Subway away kit.

Available to pre-order since September 29, the Tor Albion Rovers 23-24 Subway away shirt retails at 39 GBP. The product will be shipped on 24th November 2023.

Albion Rovers 23-24 Subway Away Kit
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Should this be banned? What do you think about Albion Rovers FC's Subway-themed kit?? Comment below.