Alternative Bayern München 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit

Adidas and Bayern Munich have released an unusual olive green Oktoberfest kit, which has raised some eyebrows. Some fans feel that it doesn't quite capture the essence of Bayern's traditional colors. To address this, we have come up with an alternative Oktoberfest kit concept for Bayern Munich.

Red Bayern München 23-24 Oktoberfest concept Kit

Check out our alternative red FC Bayern München 2023-24 Oktoberfest concept football shirt below.

Our Adidas Bayern München 2023-2024 Oktoberfest concept football shirt swaps the olive green for the club's iconic red and keeps the white logos, resulting in a more classic feel for the Bavarian club.

Our concept is traditional but lacks the unique inspiration - Bayern's green color is inspired by the meadow.

Of course, the mountain floral pattern of the Adidas Bayern München 23-24 Oktoberfest is still there in our concept.

In case you wondered why Bayern oped for a green kit - the green color is a reminiscence of the term "Wiesn" ("meadow"), as the Oktoberfest is affectionately called.

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Our red version of the Adidas FC Bayern 2023-24 Oktoberfest shirt is, of course, not available to buy.

Bayern 23-24 Oktoberfest Kit - Alternative Black Version

Which design do you prefer, the original olive green or our alternative red and white one? Let us know in the comments.