Darmstadt Massively Reduce Kids' Shirt Prices

SV Darmstadt, after returning to the Bundesliga, yesterday launched a special promotion to delight the club's youngest fans.

Darmstadt Kids' Shirts Sold at Cost

The club have significantly reduced the prices of children's jerseys to just just under €30 (€29.98). This generous move aims to make it possible for more parents to purchase jerseys for their children.

Curiously, the name flock cost excluded from the discount and it still costs you €13.50 if you go with a squad member or €16.50 for a custom name and number.

Bayern charge [...] 2.5 times as much

For comparison, Bundesliga giants FC Bayern charge a massive €75 for the kids' jerseys, which is 2.5 times as much. Dortmund's are €70.

According to the club, the shirts are now being sold at cost and therefore don't generate a profit.

SV Darmstadt made this announcement on social media, emphasizing the importance of allowing their youngest fans to celebrate the club's return to the top flight. This initiative is unprecedented in the Bundesliga, demonstrating the club's dedication to its supporters, especially the children who will now have the opportunity to own a piece of their favorite team's merchandise at an affordable price.

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